Are you worried about your business? 

If you are here on this page, you are probably a photographer. 

You've been on photography business pages, but those pages just don't feel right. Those sales tactics seem too pushy. Too "used car sales"-like. You are told that you should do so many things, like: withhold your pricing from booked clients until their ordering sessions, but that just makes your stomach hurt. You are also told that you need to price certain ways, but you have never had someone explain to you why you need to price like that. 

You would never expect to make a big purchase without fully understanding the investment, so the idea of not sharing print and collection prices with your clients, ahead of their session with you, is against what you stand for. 

Oh, and pricing? You do want to learn more about that, but how can you learn to price in a way that really works for your business goals, and allows you to easily do in-person selling? 

When you mention your concerns in some photography forums, you are told that doing anything other than in-person selling, with prices withheld until the ordering session, is just bad business. You are made to feel like subscribing to anything other than pushy selling is just, well, stupid, and that you are "leaving money on the table." 

What does that make you want to do? Yeah, just sell online, taking your best guess at "good prices". . . because that just seems easier. But that, too, leaves a pit in your stomach. 

I am here to tell you that they (the pushy sales tactic photographers) are wrong. YOU CAN SELL IN-PERSON, AUTHENTICALLY, and learn how to PRICE FOR SUCCESS, and not sacrifice your integrity to do so. There is another way to be a great photographer, and salesperson, while still feeling honest in the process! 


I know all of these feelings well.  I experienced every. single. one. of those struggles. But, I am happy to report that I have been able to work out simple, easy-to-reproduce, solution that can help you, as well.   

But, guess what: I have a solution. 

My name is Rosie Suerdieck, and I am the owner of Reflections by Rosie, LLC.   I am a military wife, and mother of four young children, two dogs, and avid lover of Jeeps and chickens (yes. Chickens).

In 2012, my business was failing.   I was overworked, overwhelmed, and missing out on SO many fun things with my family.  My husband would come home from work, and I would hand the kids over to him as I ran out the door for portrait sessions.  We pretty much never "hung out" together anymore, as I was trying SO hard to make Reflections by Rosie a success.  My husband was aggravated, my business was floundering, and I was exhausted.  

All for $150 per session.  

When tax season finally rolled around, I handed my husband my receipts.  We went over my books.  I thought I did well....until I learned that, after needing to buy a new camera body and upgrade a lens, and buying a Photoshop license, etc., I only profited $400.  

Yes.  $400.  

When I first decided that change was needed, I thought I hated selling.  Selling was sleazy, and I didn't want to deal with that feeling.  I knew that my clients would appreciate my guidance in choosing my images; but hiding behind the computer screen just seemed so much easier.  

I also was afraid that I didn't have the time, or the space, to do IPS.  I had four little kids, a husband who traveled AND no official studio space.  I had the deck stacked against me. 

When researching IPS, I felt scared.  

According to so many Pros, I needed a nice space to host people. I needed projectors.  I needed fancy computer programs. I needed to essentially surprise my clients with my prices at the actual ordering session. In other words, I needed a lot in order to do IPS; and time and extra money was something I did not have a lot of. 

But, after that disastrous first year of business as a primarily shoot-and-burn photographer, I knew that something had to change.  I was giving my art and time away to other people's families and losing precious time with my own.  

I knew that I had some needs that I had to meet:  I needed to make more money per session, and I needed to reduce the total number of clients I could accept every year.  


In short, I NEEDED to get better control of my business in order to benefit my family life, or else I was faced with walking away from a job that I loved.  

Then, I started thinking about how, when I am being authentic and honest with my clients, and teach them about custom portraits, that I wasn't really selling.  I was just showing and guiding, much like a teacher does in a classroom. 

Once I started doing IPS in my crazy simple way, I realized that IPS doesn't have to be this hyped-up process.  It can be simple.  You probably already have most of what you need in order to start it as well.  You can also make a lot more money in your business by simply starting it.  

The reason why I want to teach YOU about my crazy simple method of IPS is because it WORKS.  In that first year of doing IPS, I went from making $150 PER SESSION to an average of $500 within six months.  Then, $1000.  That next year, I averaged $2000. 

In-Person Sales Advice for Photographers

The best part: I was able to spend MORE time with my family, as I made MORE money! 

Happy dance time! 

What would YOU do with more time, and more income per client?  Think about it: the possibilities may be endless!   Maybe you can take that much-needed vacation?  Or, maybe you can put that 20% down on that home you have been eyeing?   Or, maybe you can buy that puppy (and all of the other "stuff" that goes with puppies!) that your kids have worked so hard for?

With Show and Tell Selling: Making In-Person Selling Kindergarten-Easy, you can learn to think smarter, and not harder, as you start in-person selling.  

Why is this e-book called Show and Tell Selling

Remember when you were little, and you were asked to bring in your FAVORITE toy to school?  You may remember the initial fear of getting up in front of the classroom; but once you held your toy out to show your class, and started talking about how this toy was the most bomb-diggity thing in the world, all of a sudden it wasn't so bad?

In-person selling your favorite products is very much the same way.  If you could do it in kindergarten, you can definitely do it now!  It gets easier every. single. time.  

Show and Tell Selling is a "show and tell" for me.  I am showing you exactly what I do in order to pull in much higher profits, and I am telling you how and why I do it.  

I am excited to tell you, too, that the Show and Tell line of ebooks is GROWING this fall! Stay tuned. . . you are not going to want to miss this! 

In-Person Selling Advice for Photographers Show and Tell Selling

What does this e-book do?

Show and Tell Selling walks you through EVERY step needed to run a successful photography business that utilizes in-person selling.   

  • Develop your own business "curriculum" that will allow in-person selling to fit into your family and business life, in both the short- and long-term. 
  • Run "parent-teacher conferences" (educate your clients about in-person selling and your business practices in a non-icky way, and find out what your clients want out of their session as well.  Win, win!). 
  • Learn how "lesson plans" for in-person selling can make the actual sales session a lot less stressful for both you AND your clients. 
  • Learn how to  "set up your classroom" and choose what you will be selling. 
  • Learn how to sell without selling in a simple and authentic way that you (and your clients) will LOVE!
  • And a LOT more!  

The benefits of Show and Tell Selling

  • Develop a simple, and easy to repeat, system of IPS that actually WORKS for your business. 
  • Learn how to sell without any sleazy sales tactics, expensive programs and equipment, and long product menus.  
  • Feel confident in what you are doing. 
  • Be more consistent about your brand. 
  • Increase your profits. 
  • Have better control over your calendar. 
  • Spend MORE time with your friends and family, and less time working. 
  • Have clients who are excited to spread the word about your business. 

I know this may sound corny, but it's true: in-person selling changed my business AND my life.  I just had to go back to "school".  

Now, dear friends and fellow students: what can Show and Tell Selling (e-book) do for you? 

"Reading Show and Tell has made switching to in-person selling simple and effective. My first IPS client was so happy that she is already talking about booking another session with me this summer! All I had with me was a laptop, Lightroom, and a couple of product samples, and the money I earned after this IPS was double my average sale. "  

- Laura Purewal, Empire Photography (MO)

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Who should buy this e-book? 

Show and Tell: Making In-Person Selling Kindergarten-Easy is best for: 

  • Mom Photographers who are just getting into in-person selling and want an easy plan to start with RIGHT AWAY.
  • Photographers who want to spend more time with those they love, while making more money per client.  
  • Shoot-and-burn photographers who are looking for a change. 
  • Those who have tried to "wing it" in their first year(s), and are realizing that they need a solid and proven business and sales plan to follow. 
  • Photographers who don't want (or can't afford at the moment) a lot "extra" programs or sales apps to do in-person selling.  
  • Those who are afraid to sell, as they don't want to feel "salesy".   Or, they simply don't know WHAT to sell. 
  • Photographers who truly don't believe in holding information (like, pricing) from their clients. 
  • Photographers who are goal-driven and really want their business to be a success. 

Who should NOT buy this book? 

  • Photographers who are into a lot of slick sales aids, like big projectors, etc. 
  • Those who are already doing a lot of in-person selling and are already meeting financial goals.
  • Those who talk about wanting to change their business for the better, but are too afraid to actually do it. 
  • Uncertain people.  This e-book offers real, actionable, items that will only be beneficial in your business if you actually follow the plan.  

If you are a photographer who is ready for a change, based on a simple plan, that will allow you to make more money and spend more time with those you love, then Show and Tell Selling: Make In-Person Selling Kindergarten Easy is perfect for you! 

Show and Tell Selling Advice for Photographers Show and Tell Selling

Still have some BURNING questions?  Well, raise your hand and check out my FAQ page!  You can also join my awesome sauce Facebook Community for an ongoing discussion! 

“I love your Show and Tell Selling e-book! It’s one of the few things that make sense to me (sales-wise)!”
— Meg Burke

Extra Credit (What you actually GET with your purchase of the Show and Tell Selling e-book)

Yeah, sure.  You get the highly-regarded, and super simple, e-book, Show and Tell Selling: Making In-Person Selling Kindergarten Easy after you click the "buy now" button. With that alone, you can come up with all kinds of ideas about how you can make your photography business more profitable. You can also start thinking about how fabulous your post-Show and Tell Selling life can be, coming up with lists on how you can spend your extra income and time.  

But that's not all.

I've developed two FREE products that will make you even more successful!   It's like I'm giving you extra credit

With your purchase, you will get:

  • A free report card to "grade" where you are in your business.  With that, you can dig into where you can grow after reading the e-book.  Since it's in printable form, you can check in with yourself periodically as well to see where you have improved in your business.  
  • The "What to Sell" worksheet.  Since a lot of photographers I have worked with listed "the fear of choosing what to sell" as one of their top concerns ahead of going into IPS, I decided to put a worksheet together that will help you narrow down exactly what you need to have in your investment offerings. The "What to Sell" worksheet helps you take the overwhelm out of this process.  

What are you waiting for?   As your teacher, I have laid everything out for you.  Now, are you ready to take your business to the next grade level with IPS? 

This e-book helps take the grossness out of selling. I don’t feel sleazy or fake after following the Show and Tell Selling method.”
— Trish Koch




1.) Why is in-person selling the key to my business' success? 

If you are frustrated that your current efforts in your business aren't working (or at least not working as well as you had hoped), then IPS may be for you.  

In-person selling will transform your business.  

You will learn: 

  • what your clients REALLY want,
  • how they REALLY buy,
  • and what you REALLY need to do during every portrait session in order to maximize your profit. 

2.) What if my clients won't like adding in-person selling to my biz? 

Is there a chance you will lose some clients?  I won't lie: yes.  

But, think about how much MORE you will gain by making this change. 

When you are making a big purchase, how do you feel?  Do you need a little help in making your decision?  Does bouncing thoughts off of someone else help you feel confident in your decision?  

In-person selling operates much the same way. 

The facts are: people want to have their questions answered, and their needs understood, before making a larger purchase.  If they feel understood, then they feel GOOD.  If they feel GOOD, then they will tell their friends about how good they feel.  

Now, think about how this simple principle can impact your business, in an awesome way, if you just try in-person selling.  Your word-of-mouth referrals will start to grow like crazy! 

3.)  But my house isn't clean.  Or my husband won't want people in our house. Or my dog/kids are too loud! 

I get where you are coming from.  I really do. 

I have four kids, aged nine and under.  When I first started my business, my oldest was barely five, and I was pregnant with my fourth.  I have a husband who likes his space, and two dogs that like to bark.  

If you want to do in-person selling, you WILL find a way to do it. You can find a time that works for you, and a space that you can use.  

If that doesn't work for you, go TO your clients with your laptop and a few of your favorite products.  

If THAT doesn't work, there are coffee shops with WiFi.  

Bottom line: if you want to make it work, you can do it!  Show and Tell Selling: Making In-Person Selling Kindergarten Easy will help give you the plan to make your version of IPS a success. 

4.)  What if I am afraid of hearing what my clients think about my images? 

My answer to this is: my dear, what if you DO hear feedback and it's amazing?! 

If you do a great job educating your client about your style, your processes, and your end products, then you will hear glowing results and testimony. 

Problems come in with miscommunication.  If you follow a plan, and act like the teacher of your own classroom, then your students (clients) will learn.  If you are a great teacher, then they will love you! 

Feedback is something that you do hear during in-person selling; but so much of it is very GREAT communication.  Even if you have someone who isn't 110% satisfied, you can hear about why, and you can learn.    You will grow.  

I have learned more about what my clients really want in a session through listening to their conversations during in-person selling.  I have become a much better businesswoman because of it; and so can you. 

5.) Why do I need a full PLAN for In-Person Selling?  Can't I just sell? 

Well.  Yes.  You can, but you may not want to.  

It takes time to work out the kinks.  Buying a course shows you the proven path to success.  Skip the trial and error and dive right into successful selling.  

You really DO need a business plan, or curriculum, to pull you through.  Your curriculum will help to give you focus and send your growth on a great path to success.  If you REALLY want to be profitable, you need a plan to follow. 

6.)  I am not exactly sure WHAT I need to be selling.  How can I figure that out? 

Ah, great question! 

Show and Tell Selling: Making In-Person Selling Kindergarten-Easy walks you through the EXACT steps you need to choose your products. 

If you sign up for our e-mail list, you will also get a free worksheet, "10 Ways to Start In-Person Selling."  

Just sayin'.  

7.) Is the price of the e-book worth it? 


Laura DOUBLED her average sale with her FIRST in-person ordering session using the Show and Tell Selling method. 

So did Trish of Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Both of these women are moms who are trying to make their photography careers fit into their lives.  They did not want a complicated system to follow, but rather a solid plan that WORKED.  

Their investment into Show and Tell: Making In-Person Selling Kindergarten-Easy has turned into a profit of hundreds, and soon-to-be thousands.  Imagine what it can do for you. 



I am looovving your e-book!
— Ashley, Colorado Springs, CO
Anyone who sang this is getting a steal. It’s chock full of actionable goodness!
— Michelle, Canada
I’m only a few chapters in and I can already see how this e-book will change my business
— Trish, Colorado Springs, CO
This e-book made IPS seem way less scary. I now have a plan that I can follow!
— Ashley, Houston, TX

Are you ready to learn?

Buy Show and Tell Selling (e-book) now!